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You Can’t Die for The Life In You

by Bob Dawson
Released: 28th February, 2023
Bob, (aka Robert and Bobby), has had a great deal of experience, spanning 35 years, of the Spirit World both from within the Spiritualist Movement and on the periphery of that field.

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Bob Dawson has had a vast of experience, spanning over 35 years, with both the Spirit World, and the Spiritualist Movement and its periphery. During this time he has developed as a Healer and a Spiritualist Medium, and he has taken Spiritualist Church Services, workshops, and demonstrated Mediumship throughout the North West of England. In the past he was a committee member and former President of Rawtenstall Spiritualist Church, and is the Founder and Trustee of Rossendale Spiritualist Centre, which was established in 2003.

During his life Bob has witnessed an array of what people would describe as paranormal events. Many would consider these magical, or even impossible, but in fact they are a reality, and adhere precisely to the Laws of Creation. He describes these events as life changing, in particular the physical phenomena that he has witnessed, and these are documented and critically examined within his book. In recounting these experiences Bob adds his own thought-provoking insight into the workings of Creation, and the function of the Spirit World through the evidence they have provided. He also explains the manifestation of our Spirit incarnation and reason for our progressive experiences in this world.

This book provides the reader with an insight to what the Spirit World can achieve and demonstrate at our physical level, and points the way towards the self-discovery of who you truly are, which is not who you think you are. You Can’t Die for The Life In You is a fascinating account which will continue to stimulate the readers’ curiosity about the evidence, their identity, and life itself.

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