by Lorna Roth
Released: 28th June, 2021
Sand in the face of a single life. Which is more hazardous – a motorbike, half a ton of horseflesh or meeting a stranger? 

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When strangers, motorbikes and horses share a path – anything can happen.

Four men meet to challenge their prowess on motorbikes. Four women meet to enjoy their horses and ribald camaraderie. All are grounded by their horsepower – the touch, the smell, the speed of it. Confident men, strong women. When their paths collide, a chain of friendship and friction is set in motion.

Highly independent people, several are single, fifty-something and searching for that illusive factor… ‘chemistry’. For an ex-forces man, the strait-jacket of his own social prejudice is painful; for Judith, Luc and Lizzie, the internet provides succour but not always the dream person they envisage. The highs, the scares, the embarrassing lows, all told with pithy candour. Sometimes the only reaction can be laughter but is Judith’s intrinsic fear of meeting a total stranger justified and can Luc’s injured machismo survive the limitations of his lame leg? Can a human runner outwit a pack of bloodhounds?

Hope – of companionship or passion. It gets picked up, trodden on, dusted off, then slung in the hedge again. It can be a dangerous ally or a fickle friend. Will any of them brave a kick-start?

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