The Black Princesses of Sapphire Hall

by Charles Mossop of Ashford
Released: 28th July, 2024

The Black Princesses of Sapphire Hall is a romantic tragedy, set between the past, present and future and follows Harry Hoxworth, an actor living an excessive lifestyle at Sapphire Hall. Eighteen years later, Harry's unemployed, unhappy and is determined to keep the secrets of his past from his daughter.

Full synopsis

“That’s the thing about…home: it haunts its inhabitants long after they leave.”

Gambling, girls, gossip and gin.

Indulge in excess at Sapphire Hall; Harry 'the Black Prince' Hoxworth is running the show. A world-class actor with a fortune to match, he’s the poster boy for bachelor living but…he wants more. He wants a wife, and when working-class waitress, Rebecca Dawson, comes crashing clumsily into his life, he’s charmed.

Eighteen years on and the Hall isn’t sparkling anymore. Harry’s unemployed, Rebecca’s hit the road and their teenage daughter is determined to unearth all the secrets her father and aunt have tried to shield her from.

Three women; two men; one tiara. The question is though, whose head will be heaviest for wearing it?

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