The Real Maisy

by Nicky J. Mason
Released: 28th October, 2024

After suffering a string of bad luck and in an effort to reinvent herself, Maisy decides to take a job volunteering at a retreat, but gets more than she signed up for. This small town, enemies to lover's romance is perfect for fans of Emily Henry, Tessa Bailey and Beth O'Leary.

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Life isn’t easy when you don’t fit the mould.

Maisy Fowler knows all about not fitting in – it’s happened all her life. She can’t hold down a job, she feels inadequate socialising, and she’s constantly saying and doing things that come across as rude and selfish. So when, after being fired again, someone defecates on the roof of her ex-boss’s car, she immediately gets the blame.

Maisy cannot believe people would think so low of her and in a desperate need to change her image, she applies for a volunteer position in the Scottish Highlands, helping people in pain. Maisy envisions doing yoga, meditating and really being at one with nature. What she doesn’t imagine is, living in a cowshed in the middle of a field, where she’s pretty certain a cross between a frog and a lion is outside her unlocked door at night, waiting to eat her.

Can sexy farmer Davie Marshall help her through the cold, hard nights? Two minor details though; he hates everything she stands for, and she loves everything he is not.

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