May I Borrow Your Watch?

by Mike Haigh
Released: 28th August, 2024

May I Borrow Your Watch? is an upbeat memoir that looks back at the life of an average person juggling life, love, laughter and loss. A Change man who became a changed man.

Full synopsis

A Change man, a changed man.

I knew I was a bit tired. After all, full-time employment since 1986 will do that to you. I even knew I was a bit stressed, but still something was not quite right.

I sat, I waited.

All that waiting. Sitting next to a rotund middle-aged lady wearing an over-tight Hello-Kitty-holding-an-AK47 t-shirt who was punching away at Candy Crush on her mobile. I stared gloomily at a television warning me about the perils of haemorrhoids, knowing full well I should be back at the office, grinding away.

I was ushered into the nurse's office less than an hour after arrival, not too bad. I got poked in both ears, a blast of light in the eyes, and my temperature was taken. And then I got my arm squeezed for the blood pressure reading.

‘That’s odd,’ says the nurse. 'Let me do that again'. 'That is very odd,' she says again. 'Would you mind just waiting there?'

Mike had juggled life, love, laughter, and loss. It nearly did for him. Mike is done with his old life. Mike is alive and kicking.

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