A Quantum Space-Fiction Thriller

by Diego Pozo Morillas
Released: 28th August, 2024
A Kickstarter success. A sci-fi and space horror adventure by a Space engineer (NASA-ESA, Industry) working with Quantum Teleportation or the ISS. Commissioned illustrations accompany the story, including a cover by Nekro XIII

Full synopsis

Following the discovery of quantum teleportation halfway through the 21st century, human technology grew to enable the colonization of the Solar System. The Andalusian company Solar Innovations (S.I.), exploits a monopoly on interplanetary travel. They also largely control the different political bodies and law forces managing the human settlements throughout the Solar System.

On the Titan colony, Antonio is devastated after the disappearance of his wife. She worked for S.I. on materials found in the mining works of the colony, but most of her research was confidential. Antonio is summoned but only to identify her corpse, and to collect a large payment, as well as the condolences and thanks for his late wife’s work ‘for the common good and the advancement of humanity’. But he is not ready to accept this. The loss of his wife has turned him into a living dead, and there is no end to which he will not go to dig out the truth.

In the process, Antonio will soon understand that these events go far beyond a mysterious disappearance and death. He discovers that his wife has opened the door to a parallel world and to all the creatures that inhabit within it.

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