Picture books

The Groll

by Alison Roy
Released: 28th September, 2024
A fast-paced picture book, with vibrant illustrations which bring the story to life, full of drama, tension and peril, as well as a satisfying resolution and then an unexpected twist at the very end. For children of 4 years old and over.

Full synopsis

Deep in the woods, where no-one dares tread, lives a grim, grisly Groll, who fills children with dread!

And he fills them with dread because he likes to eat them – in pies, on toast and in stews!

But when there are no children left to eat, the Groll has to come up with a plan.

Will his plan succeed or will he get taught a lesson by the pupils and pets of The Grubby Bugs Forest School?

Read on, if you dare…

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