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Daily Piddle; Saving the Bling

by Babs Vinden-Cantrell
Released: 28th September, 2024
A delightful children’s picture book telling the story of how dogs use their special ‘news service’ to foil a robbery. For ages of 7-9 years old

Full synopsis

Have you ever wondered why Dogs sniff where other have wee’d, then wee themselves? Well it’s the Daily Piddle of course. It’s the news telling each other what is going on, like their very own social media. They tell each other about their days and the weather, but every now and again an important news story breaks, and then the Daily Piddle really goes to work.

Well, Pup heard talk about a bling heist and knew he had to get the Daily Piddle on the case, to stop the robbery taking place. Pup started the message off and the message travelled all the way to the Kings house in London. All sorts of dogs helped to save the heist, young ones, old ones, posh ones, tall ones, thin ones and quiet ones, and they even got the Kings horses to assist

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