For King or For Country

A story of the English Civil War

by Geoffrey Cloke
Released: 28th June, 2024

A historical fiction tale set in a small village in Northamptonshire, that explores the action of individuals in a country torn by the English Civil war.

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Full synopsis

1642. The English Civil war, Northamptonshire.

Eight friends’ journey through love, life, and the struggles of war in a quant village in Northamptonshire. Though four of them are old enough to fight in the war, they are not considered old enough to take part in the decisions that caused it, or even considered to be fully adults. Of the four left behind, Lucy tells the story of those who have gone to fight and the lives of those in the village.

Told over a span of nine-years, the lives of the older generation are torn just as much as the younger generation, and they must make their own decisions about how to take their lives forward. Some are inspired or driven or rejected by love. Some want power, and some want to change the balance of power.

For King or For Country is a moral tale about the actions of individuals in a country torn by war and begs us to question, who is responsible for what we do, and how are we punished and rewarded?

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