The Death of Mother

An Ogbanje Story

by Cynthia C. Umezulike
Released: 28th June, 2024

Full synopsis

Nonye’s is an ancestral spirit – ‘an ogbanje’ who once born into the human world seals her mother’s womb, preventing her from conceiving more children. After Nonye is born, Nneoma, her mother, is desperate to have more children but is unsuccessful. 

Nneoma is convinced by the apostle, a religious fanatic, that Nonye is indeed an Ogbanje, and they must chase away the evil spirit that possesses her through violence and abuse. Nneoma implores the most brutal tactics to drive away the ancestral spirit abusing Nonye, inflicting mental trauma, starvation, neglect, and humiliation.

In a riveting ending, Nonye becomes vengeful after losing her beloved grandmother.

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