Our Boy – Always a Coldstreamer

The Battles of the Rhineland and North-West Germany in 1945

by Graham Philip Dix
Released: 28th June, 2024

A captivating and poignant biography of a Coldstream Guardsman in World War Two which looks at the hardships faced during battle by a man on the front line.

Full synopsis

Our Boy tells the factual and tragic, yet incredulous story of a Coldstream Guardsman in World War Two.

From the discovery of a bundle of old letters and documents, a journey of discovery unfolded that led to fascinating revelations of the exploits of the author’s uncle who died shortly after the end of World War Two. Using information from multiple sources, a story slowly emerged of friendship, bravery, deprivation, elation, and horror. It transpired that the battles he fought in were some of the most gargantuan and bloody of the war in Europe.

Dix explores the horrendous, gruelling battles of the Rhineland, crossing the Rhine and fighting innumerable battles across north-west Germany against the elite and fanatical German Parachute Army. The book also details the very human story of life at home where the family struggled to cope with the anxiety for their son’s safety, rationing, the blackout and all the hardships that come with war.

This is a gripping and fascinating biography of one man’s journey and the difficulties he faced during World War Two.

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