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A Salisbury Tendresse

by Radu Herklots
Released: 28th October, 2024

Full synopsis

From the author of the successful ‘John Tedesco crime series’ a collection of eleven short stories.

The title story, ‘A Salisbury Tendresse’ introduces Stephen and Joanna, two middle-aged newcomers to Salisbury who set out nervously on what may or may not turn out to be a romantic adventure.

In the other stories, we meet Maureen, who hates what has happened to her small town in Devon and decides to take matters into her own hands, the young artist and his wife whose struggle through the Covid pandemic is rewarded with the joy of an unexpected addition to the family and Rex, a widower struggling with grief. Other characters include Shane Meredith, a wannabe rock god from 1960’s Plymouth, the denizens of the pub in ‘Backwoodsmen’ and a group of old friends from university clinging on to past glories in ‘The Autumn Men’.

For fans of John Tedesco, there is a bonus story featuring the familiar cast, ‘A Close Encounter’.

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