Mary Pearson

by Alan Temperley
Released: 28th July, 2024

Set in Easport in 1948, Mary Pearson explores how the lives of two young people have been damaged, mostly by events far from home, after World War Two.

Full synopsis

1948: Eastport, a shipbuilding town in the north of England. Three years have passed since the end of WW2.

Mary, a girl from the bottom of town, cuts her leg when she is picking coal from a pit heap. Teddy, a slightly built Jewish boy, comes to her aid.

They meet again by chance, and it leads to an unlikely friendship although both attend St Peter’s, the state grammar school, and both families have been devastated by the war.

Britain is settling down and starting to rebuild but Europe has been torn apart. Cities have been reduced to rubble, the continent is awash with refugees. Amid the chaos groups of Hitler’s followers are reluctant to accept defeat. And from this great melting-pot arms reach out to involve Mary and Teddy as they investigate their recent family experiences. 

Inexorably they are drawn into a situation where their lives are in extreme danger and they must flee, pursued by armed men who wish them both dead.

Mary Pearson is a tale of courage and adventure, a portrait of two modest but exceptional young people, an offbeat love story.

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