Unreliable Memories

by David Griffiths
Released: 28th September, 2024
A novel which explores how much we can trust our memories and what this means for one man as his childhood memories threaten to undermine a life which has rarely been affected by self-doubt

Full synopsis

How far can we trust our memories and if we can’t what are we left with?

Peter Carter is returning to his childhood home to comfort his ailing father and support his mother. His parents have been the bedrock of his upbringing; now his father has a terminal illness. Before returning to his childhood home, he had a store of memories which he assumed to be immutable.

When back home, Peter is reminded about his early life through contact with figures and scenes from the past. Many of these reminiscences bring comfort but others are not so benign. Most are far from reliable. Childhood friends have changed and not all for the better. One school friend casts doubt on the sanctity of his family life; another gives quiet support. Some of his memories, once secure records of his youth are mistaken, but which? Some of Peter’s memories become deeply suspect after a major revelation. Does this change what he was, what he is and what he might become?

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