The Plastic Migrant

by Rashid Gatrad and Jade Smedley-Baugh
Released: 28th September, 2024
Political fiction highlighting current environmental and immigration issues. A story with a dual timeline, in Dover and London in the UK and in Ethiopia, which contains factual information about the sustainability of our planet.

Full synopsis

Manjolo, fleeing his homeland, in search of solace and perhaps a better life for him and his wife, finds himself embroiled in the British immigration system and lost in a world filled with single use plastics caused by the inevitability of human failings.

A riches to rags story with a political edge, it not only educates but resonates, highlighting current issues, the impact of which we, the custodians of this planet, are already facing.

Police officer Lyndsey Dean is the one whose presence speaks of the unlimited power of kindness and through Manjolo’s interaction with her highlights the importance of faith as a catalyst to save the world from nature’s greatest enemy – man himself.

Can one man be that change?

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