In Judgement of Others

by Eleanor Anstruther
Released: 28th October, 2024
A satirical novel which makes a serious point about mental illness and the way we treat it. Set in the polite society of a market town in the south of England which, below the surface, is rife with prejudice and hypocrisy.

Full synopsis

The Midhurst Amateur Dramatic Society are putting on a production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, and Tessa has agreed to play a part. But when she suffers a psychotic episode, Ros, a C-list celebrity and new to the community, takes her place.

In this darkly comic tale of psychosis in the Home Counties, the stage is set for a blistering examination of mental illness, how we treat it and why we don’t. While Tessa is sectioned in a secure psychiatric hospital, the relationships in the community unravel, and by the time she’s released, all that we thought we knew, and all of our judgements, are thrown into question.

Dim the lights, turn off your phones, settle in as the curtain rises…

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