Anna Gallo’s Lily

by Sue Morris
Released: 28th August, 2024
Anna Gallo’s Lily is the name and owner of this unusual Bed and Breakfast. Set between the late 1950’s and the mid 1960’s in the landscape of West Yorkshire, the story weaves back and forth returning to the present of 1966.

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Full synopsis

In the mid-sixties, Lily, an unusually evocative Bed and Breakfast, re-imagined as the town’s first and only Italian-styled guesthouse, set in the hilly landscapes of West Yorkshire, opens to its first five guests as Anna Gallo, the establishment’s unlikely, but proud owner opens her doors. Told with a great sense of wit, eloquence and eccentricity, childhood memories, dreams and the fortunes of the first five guests who stay at Lily’s are eventually cast as the story meanders and unfolds with surprising twists and hidden secrets, as the story finally closes.

We meet Big and Little Stan, coffee manufacturer and gifted twelve-year old son; Chance, an aristocrat; Marybeth, a solitary figure with a love of poisonous mushrooms and owner of five idiosyncratic dogs, and Teresa, the first guest, who never leaves.

Childhood memories and family ties delve into the intricate lives of diverse characters combining to ignite the story with the possibility of long-lasting friendships. This forms the heart and soul of the book.

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