An Eagle Blind

by Brooke Fieldhouse
Released: 28th September, 2024
A contemporary psychological ghost drama set against the backdrop of a collapsing environment, questioning concepts of; love, loss, reinvention, and challenging the validity of truth and identity.

Full synopsis

The remote baroque palace of GOLIGHTLY; ‘2.5 miles to the nearest village . . .’ somewhere in northern England, has a ‘bewitching’ effect on people, not the least LORNA who rashly takes part in an experimental séance there apparently triggering a series of strange and violent events.

Has she released something evil? Is it a set of freakish coincidences, or is she playacting to hide a past which is gradually catching up with her?

Can down-to-earth journalist partner CHAS bring some sense to the situation? As the two of them work to rescue Lorna’s beleaguered life and find out the truth they uncover shattering realities.

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