Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 at Troubador

13th May, 2024

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 at Troubador

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 at Troubador

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Jane Rowland

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) takes place every May to encourage people and workplaces to talk about and gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues. 

In 2024 MHAW will run from 13-19th May and the well-being team at Troubador (made up of four trained mental health first aiders: Chloe, Chelsea, Megan and Jane) – are concierging a week of wellbeing events and sessions for staff. This year’s MHAW's theme is 'movement: moving more for our mental health’ – and so staff at Troubador will be taking part in a range of mood-boosting activities. 

Helen from Bennd Yoga based in Market Harborough is hosting 2 staff yoga sessions at our offices on 17th May. Helen has been running her yoga business and teaching yoga to people aged 3-103 for nearly 6 years. 'I firmly believe yoga is for everybody regardless of age or ability,’ says Helen. 'Yoga has many benefits. Practicing yoga asana (postures) just once can calm your breathing; help you sleep better; improve your flexibility, strength and mobility; connect you to like-minded individuals and lift your mood.’ We’re thrilled Helen can support our staff with classes during MHAW and also that we can support a local business in return. Find Helen on Instagram (@benndyoga) and Facebook

This week we’ll also be experiencing the benefits of Tai Chi with Laraine from Leicester-based Strings of Pearls Tai Chi, enjoying a calming nature walk and getting a little competitive with a step count challange. 

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