Reflecting on an Inspiring Festival of Writing 2024

4th July, 2024

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Reflecting on an Inspiring Festival of Writing 2024

Reflecting on an Inspiring Festival of Writing 2024

Written by:

Alex Thompson

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Festival of Writing 2024 as both an exhibitor and a session host. Organised by Jericho Writers in central London, this event has solidified its reputation as a pivotal gathering for writers, editors, and literary enthusiasts. This year's festival was no exception, brimming with inspiration, creativity, and an overwhelming sense of community among authors and publishing professionals alike.

A Vibrant Gathering of Creative Minds

The festival brought together a diverse group of writers from various genres and backgrounds, all united by their passion for storytelling. As an exhibitor and primary sponsor of the event, Alex Thompson and Chloe May from Troubador had the opportunity to showcase our services and interact with many talented authors eager to take their writing to the next level. The enthusiasm and dedication of these writers were truly infectious, making each conversation a delightful exchange of ideas and insights.

Hosting a session was equally rewarding. It was a privilege to share my expertise and guide aspiring authors through the intricacies of the writing process. The interactive nature of these sessions allowed for dynamic discussions, where participants posed thoughtful questions and shared their unique experiences. The mutual learning and support in these interactions were a testament to the festival's collaborative spirit.

Highlights and Key Takeaways

One of the standout features of the Festival of Writing is its comprehensive range of sessions. From masterclasses and workshops to one-on-one sessions with literary agents and editors, the event catered to every aspect of a writer's journey. Notably, the festival offered authors the opportunity to have 1:1s with agents and ‘book doctors’ as well as discuss self-publishing with the team from Trouabdor, giving them a unique view of their publishing options from every angle.

Another highlight was the array of keynote speakers and panel discussions, featuring acclaimed authors and publishing experts. Their insights into the current trends in the literary world, as well as practical advice on navigating the publishing industry, were both enlightening and motivating. Our own Alex Thompson co-hosted a session with Jericho Writers self-publishing expert Debbie Young focusing on how authors can make the most out of their self-published works, and received great feedback, and questions and had many good discussions afterwards.

Building Connections and Community

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Festival of Writing is the sense of community it fosters. Writing can often be a solitary pursuit, but events like this remind us of the vibrant network of support and camaraderie that exists within the literary world. Meeting enthusiastic authors and fellow industry professionals not only sparked new friendships but also opened doors for future collaborations and projects.

The Festival of Writing 2024 was a great experience for our team who came away buoyed by such a positive vibe. It was a joy to witness the dedication and passion of so many writers and to be part of a community that celebrates and nurtures creativity. We look forward to attending future events and continuing to support the incredible work of Jericho Writers in empowering writers.

For those who missed this year’s festival, we highly recommend marking your calendars for the next one. You can also register interest on their website to be the first to get a ticket for next year.