Young children

Hairy Tales of Hopland!

by Lucy Francis
Released: 28th July, 2024
In this series of gripping adventure stories, the friendly creatures of Hopland build ships, leave home, fight off kidnappers, discover their hidden talents and sometimes fall in love. Meet tearaway Ferret Lumbric, Ivy Glue the dreamer, George and Binky, thrill seekers (well Binky is), rivals Toasty and his brother Theodore and shy Crabiata.

Full synopsis

Discover the enchanting world of Hopland. Here we meet little wormlet, Ferret Lumbric, who is on the road to rack and ruin, but all he really wants is to be is a clown in Mr Monkey’s Circus. Next Ivy Glue emerges, just longing to discover life outside the forest. She has a series of perilous mishaps then discovers she absolutely loves singing and is good at it too! George and Binky, are childhood pals. They build a ship and make the journey of a lifetime to Pushkia. Binky is kidnapped, George rescues her, proving himself a hero. Toasty Baker and his brother Theodore are determined rivals. What happens when they have to face each other at Hopland’s Best Ever Loaf of Bread Competition? Finally, we meet Crabiata, a shy young crab who is snatched by a scientist and finds herself far from home. Her journey back to Pushkia is fraught with danger, but also brings her close to her handsome shipmate Morpeth, love is in the misty sea air.

In this series of gripping adventure stories, the friendly creatures of Hopland and Pushkia unearth hidden talents, romp towards their dreams and sometimes fall in love.

I can’t imagine any youngster not being charmed by this wonderful one-of-a-kind book. Exciting, funny, with such great stories and above all terrifically quirky and lovable characters. Everything to grab and hold a child’s attention.Lucy Francis is a marvellous find. I wish I’d found her when I was a kid!” Paul A Mendelson. BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and author. 

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