At the Edge: What Is Mine to Do? And Who Can I Do It With?

by Kimberley Hare
Released: 28th June, 2024
Have you woken up to the entangled metacrisis the world is facing – including potential ecological and climate breakdown? This book helps you do the ‘inner work’ that will allow you to face the predicament from a place of resilience, courage and clarity and tell a story with your life that you’re proud to tell.

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Full synopsis

Our planet is in an entangled meta-crisis – including potential ecological and climate breakdown.

Our very way of life could be unravelling, and even collapsing, as a result. There are many books out there which outline all the evidence and science. This is not one of them - instead this book focuses on helping you to stand tall and face reality from a place of resilience, courage and clarity.

Today the dominant question many people are asking is ‘Yes, but what can I do?’. This book will guide you through exploring the SEVEN DOORWAYS people can go through to make a positive difference. It will help you to decide ‘What is mine to do?’, ‘How can I tell a story with my life that I’m proud to tell – no matter what happens?’ and ‘How can I balance the needs of the planet with my needs and those of our society?’

For most people, to find answers to these major questions will require profound psychological, emotional and spiritual inner work – see this book as your guide to accessing your wisdom through these momentous times.

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