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Digital Health: The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

by Rasit Dinc
Released: 28th June, 2024
Written by an industry expert, Digital Health: The Impact of Technology on Healthcare covers a wide range of topics and offers an in-depth analysis of how technology is transforming the healthcare industry.

Full synopsis

Digital Health: The Impact of Technology on Healthcare offers an enlightening deep dive into the dynamic intersection of healthcare and technology. This seminal work explores how digital innovations are revolutionising patient care, treatment modalities, and health management. It navigates the reader through the labyrinth of modern technological advancements, uncovering the profound implications they have on the healthcare industry.

Delving into the core of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics, this book illuminates their transformative roles in reshaping diagnosis, treatment customization, and predictive healthcare. It addresses the surge in telehealth and remote monitoring, showcasing how these digital platforms extend the reach of medical services to previously underserved populations.

Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, the book examines the rise of personalised medicine facilitated by genomic sequencing, changing the landscape of treatment efficacy and patient care. It also critically assesses the evolving landscape of wearable health technologies and mobile health applications, highlighting their growing influence on proactive health management and lifestyle choices.

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