Young children

The Old Tree

by Susana Brimlow
Released: 28th June, 2024

An enchanting children's story combining elements of magic, fantasy and humour and touches on themes of bullying and how to overcome your fear.

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Full synopsis

An enchanting, fantasy story which follows a young boy as he tries to escape the threats that surround him, with the help of his magical fairy friends.

On the night of Halloween, Peter runs away from home to escape his mother’s obnoxious partner, Dave, a horrendous bully. He leans against his beloved olive tree, pouring his heart out, making the decision to cross the dangerous woods and seek help from his uncle.  

Two good fairy friends, hiding in the tree above, overhear Peter and want to help him. But the wicked goblin-fairy Mirabelle and her dreadful gang of nasties are up to mischief and trickery, spreading fear and confusion everywhere.

Peter, with the help from the good fairies, hopes to make a safe passage through the woods without being tormented by the evil Mirabelle. But when he is confronted by a threat even worse than the evil fairy, things take a terrifying turn. Will he ever make it to his uncle’s house safely?

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