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After 40 years marriage, two children,2 grandchildren and juggling two careers, I now have time to write. As a financial systems specialist and conference organiser I went to 5 continents which included mountaineering, paragliding, skiing, surfing, marathons, triathlons etc. My career was cut short by Parkinson's, but pills plus patience improved my writing skills and my first book was published in May 2017 by The Book Guild. Poetry is still a minority art form. I hoped my initial efforts if recorded, might entertain, amuse and encourage others to follow my example. I have dual nationality, British and Irish and speak simple French and Spanish. I divide my time between the UK, Ireland and Spain and use many styles to explore the musicality and depth of meaning that poetry can provide So if you see a figure clad in black and yellow leather, riding a large trike, give "Hell's Grandad" a wave!

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Extracts from a review by It's a very interesting book which really belongs on the bookshelf of any writer, poet, or teacher of creative writing. For it is an exploration of the beginning of Sean's journey as a poet. He examines lyrics from 21st century hip-hop, 19th century comedy operettas and flower power era songs and explains how, (initially) he regarded poetry as an extension of song. He asks an important question "Why be a poet or a storyteller?" and makes a good and praiseworthy effort to provide some answers. There are sixty poems covering a wide range of subjects. It's described as an "anti-textbook" but it is this reviewer's opinion that this book should definitely be a required text for all creative writing classes throughout the land. ------------------------------------------- Extracts from a review by David Marx A catharsis, a clarification; to finally stumble upon a poet who is more politically correct (factually) than an entire platoon of annoying hypocrites, who merely purport to know all by simply subscribing to anaesthetized political correctness itself The only thing I would say, is that one cannot help but veer more to what is actually being said, rather than the actual form of poetry itself. That said, maybe this was/is the intention? --------------------------------------------- Extracts from a review by Kelly Allen I received a copy of Sean Notyeats poetry book, From Small Beginnings. I love reading and writing poetry, and it was refreshing to see the book described as a 'A stage in the poet's progress from song to stanza. He covers politics, life and relationships and I really enjoyed his introduction, he's personable and passionate about the spoken and written word. When it comes to the rhyming poems throughout the book, I'm not too keen on his use of simple end rhyme; I much prefer internal and more thought-provoking rhyme. I think this book would be adored by those who like the rhythmic and repetitive rhyme, with political themes running throughout. I think this is a good starter .

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