Rosaria Giorgi

A quaint little Italian village, nestled among the rolling hills of Tuscany: that’s where I hail from. With more books than people, I read all the time, devouring every genre that came my way.

I studied Scandinavian Languages and Literature in university, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Pisa.

Research took me to the University of Copenhagen, where I stumbled across the bold idea of a Denmark-Sweden bridge. This formed the foundation of my thesis exploring the relationship between infrastructure and regional identity in the Øresund region. 

My career trek started in marketing at IBM Ireland, but the Celtic Tiger transformed me into an entrepreneur. I founded a fashion startup and spent over a decade in Dublin, mastering the art of dodging raindrops. 

Besides fashion, I have been a founder in technology, travel and even chocolate startups. These ventures have taken me on a thrilling journey where style meets innovation and wanderlust fuels progress.

In 2011 I swapped the Irish rain for the Canadian snow when I moved to Toronto, where I currently live with my husband and our feline overlord, Puccino, aka The King of Toronto.

Rosaria Giorgi