Edyta Niebrzegowska

BSc, MSc, RD, CCRC Clinical Research Methodologist Edyta graduated from Queen Mary University of London with MSc in Healthcare Research Methods. Since 2009, she has acted as a professional clinical researcher in United Kingdom holding appointments of research coordinator at Bart's Health NHS Trust and local investigator at UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network as well as honorary clinical research associate at Queen Mary University of London. Edyta has worked on more than 40 research projects so far, including early and late phase randomised controlled trials of medicines, medical devices, new therapeutic interventions and biomarkers as well as observational and epidemiological studies at their various stages including design and set up as well as conduct, monitoring and closure. The scope of her research work includes critical care, emergency, perioperative and renal medicine as well as major surgery, immunology and genetics. She also is an ACRP certified clinical research coordinator.

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