E V Radwinter

E V Radwinter was born in London and grew up in Essex. During her life E V Radwinter has relocated to some of the most beautiful places in the country for education, to follow in the footsteps of a loved one (or to escape one), or for a career move. As a result she has lived in leafy Rutland, the bustling university city of Nottingham, historic Norwich, Torquay in the English Riviera, and suburban Surbiton. Now back to north Essex, she lives with her partner and currently one large cat, although she says that there is always room for more, cats that is, not partners. E V Radwinter has worked in Marketing and Communications for most of her working life, although there were a couple of interludes as a PA. Having worked in manufacturing, insurance, retail, hotels, research and charity she has a passion for writing and trying to convey messages in a relatable and engaging way. Loves Lost and Found is her debut novel. Inspired as a child after visiting the library where Evelyn Anthony wrote her books, Loves Lost and Found was born out of the encouragement given to her by her beloved, but now departed, Mother and Grandmother. E V Radwinter has just started work on her second novel.

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