Ben Wood

Ben Wood was born in 1980, he is a business owner, spiritual awakening coach and healer. He lives with his twin flame Jenni who he met at a meditation class guided by the universe. He is an extra sensitive soul with great feel for energy and crystals. He is psychic and has an exceptional knowledge for people's inner well-being. This can make his life challenging being so open to everything. He was inspired to write this book to free people from their pain, for people to enjoy their life again. Once you have connected to your pain nature connects with you. The power of the universe shall move through your being for you to become free of your past. He had a spiritual awakening at the age of 30 and that started the journey to healing his mind and body. As he matured, he learned to be in his body, centred and grounded with crystals. He always knew deep inside himself he never belonged here on Earth. His awakening enhanced this sensitivity significantly, he had the realisation he was never coming back to earth again by releasing stagnant energy in his body and becoming free from the pain frequency.

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This book is for souls who know deep inside that there is more to themselves than their pain, emotions, this earthly reality. You're tired of the earthy game, you sense inside you there is something else to do while you are here. You will be drawn to this book for the next chapter in your life, to heal, become free and whole within yourself, the real you shall emerge. This book is for healing yourself, finding inner freedom by learning to love yourself unconditionally. What liberation to be free of your pain, the constant self-seeking of finding yourself in the world, places you go, people you meet, the foods you eat, everything is a distraction away from the true you. We have been conditioned to do this. This self-discovery book is a connection to the universe. You are the universe, going within yourself you shall connect to the unlimited power of nature. Once nature moves into your body you begin to become whole within yourself, self-realisation is realised. I was inspired to write this book to help people to become free of the pain frequency. I'm able to live a free life, once I healed body and mind. I felt a calling to help other people to become free within. To smile again, to be free of that heaviness you feel in your lower chakras. This book was created by the universe. When you become still anything is possible, when your mind and body are still the universe operates through you. You'll become your own healer. This book was written from different levels of consciousness throughout the chapters. Feeling the energy within the words you can experience these levels of consciousness. You are a vessel for the right action from the universe, moving into your pain you'll start an inward journey to becoming free- free of who you thought you were. What you are truly meant to be doing here on Earth only can be found within yourself. Ben Wood

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