Alister Farquhar Matheson

I was born and bred in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and, from an early age, have been fascinated by the tumultuous history of this small country with its struggles for independence, clashes between Lowlands and Highlands, and obstinate determination to make its own way in the world. Of particular interest to me is the story of my own clan, the Mathesons. An important history was published in 1909 which drew together recollections and legends still alive in Lochalsh in the 19th century and combined this with the limited historical information available at the time and genealogical data. It was clear to me however that, over one hundred years later, the time was ripe for an update. The arrival of the grim Covid pandemic with its attendant lockdowns provided the ideal opportunity to review my research, identify and unravel some of the inconsistencies in the previous history and put pen to paper. "The Mathesons of Lochalsh" is the outcome with the story of the clan and its chiefs from the 13th century to the present day.

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