Peter Cutler and Kath Kyle

Peter was a prolific writer. He wrote stories, factual articles, letters and even draft screenplays. Periwinkle was born in Peter's mind as a series of "read to at bedtime" stories for a child. He had talked about it for several years but there was never any sign that he had written any of his ideas down. After he died in 2018 his daughter, Kath, came across many files of writing including a complete file labelled "Periwinkle". The file contained complete stories, part-written stories and lots of ideas for plots and characters. Kath took the papers away with her and one Sunday afternoon sat down to read them. She loved it. It really made her smile. She remembered, as a child, her Dad reading to her at bedtime and their favourite book was Winnie the Pooh. It was clear that Peter had written Periwinkle in a similar style of gentle whimsy and that he had intended the story to be as entertaining for the adult reading it as for the child listening. Kath decided that she would try to finish and publish the book in honour of her Dad. "The adventures of Periwinkle Pig" is the result of that labour of love. Excitingly this book has only used part of the writing that Kath came across and there is every possibility that "The further adventures of Periwinkle Pig" will follow.

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