10 May 2017

Data Award for Troubador

Troubador Publishing have been awarded the prestigious Book Industry Communication (BIC) Product Data Excellence Award. It is one of only a handful of publishers in the UK to have received the award, which is for the quality of the bibliographic data supplied by the company to retailers.

Operations Director Jane Rowland said: "Good quality bibliographic data supplied well in advance of publication and with far more information than just the basics definitely helps to sell books. We strive to ensure that all of our bibliographic data is supplied in a timely fashion, accurately and that it is regularly updated with additional information, like reviews and media coverage." The company supplies all data to the book retail trade via the ONIX system, and has been working closely with its supplier to ensure that data is checked regularly.

"With so many titles in print," said Jane, "The use of an online bibliographic data system is essential; several years ago we took the decision to subscribe to an ONIX system, which has proven to be a wise move." Until January 2017, only approximately 14 publishers had achieved BIC Basic status, with a similar number joining the select group at the start of the year.

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