14 December 2016

Books on the Underground launches first Indie Authors’ Day

Books on the Underground today launches its first Indie Authors’ Day, a new type of campaign celebrating independent authors and their recently published titles. Among the books being shared by the book fairies today are Matador’s Written Off by Paul Carroll and Two of a Mind by S M Stuart.

Books on the Underground is a London-based project run by two ladies who wanted to share their reads with the world. It unites publishers, promoters and readers in order to bring new and used books of every genre to the London Underground.

Working closely with the authors, the team at Books on the Underground use relevant hashtags and Twitter accounts while sharing photos of the books being dropped around the London Underground. Cordelia Oxley, Director of Books on the Underground, explains: “The idea behind this is simple. Independent authors won’t always have the opportunity to promote their books in the ways that publishers have access to and … I truly believe that Books on the Underground is a perfect fit.”

Have you spotted any Matador titles on the Underground?

For more information about the initiative go to: http://booksontheunderground.co.uk

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