Published: 15/11/2017
ISBN: 9781788033459
eISBN: 9781788030885
Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Gifts
A Sc-Fi Saga
by Marcus Durham

An epic Sci-Fi Saga set on a parallel Earth

It is the 22nd century. Viking/Anglo Saxon is the dominant culture. Rorn is a low-life criminal who works for his grandfather the head of a criminal gang in Fyrstrborg, a city in the country of Vigrlandt. Rorn is mentored by Kaspral an old warrior with a mysterious past.
The story follows Rorn through his coming of age. He discovers that Byrgunn, a malignant entity from another Universe, has corrupted his family and coerced him to kill his lover Enthass. He also learns that Byrgunn is co-ordinating an existential threat to humankind.
The Earth is about to be attacked by an ancient enemy who regard humans as invaders of their planet. The attack is part of an extremely ancient war during which a race of off-world humans called the Darisahr, led by a mythical warrior known as Shuhadak or the Blade, have helped the people of their adopted planet Earth to subjugate the enemy.
This time, in an attempt to finally win the war the enemy have sought the help of Byrgunn and the Visitor, a warlord from another universe. Both are in alliance with Yggdrasil the mythical tree of life.
Initially, Rorn like most of his contemporaries is cynical about the old ways and the old Gods, but he is forced to re-assess his views, especially when he learns that Kaspral is inextricably linked to the Blade legend and that the legend is coming true. Rorn also discovers that his personal fate holds the key to the survival of humanity.

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